Update Handbuch Deutsch EZCAST verfügbar

Anbei der Link auf die update Version des Handbuchs EZCAST 

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English Manuals (Links) MAC OS / Windows User Manual / IOS User Manual / Android User Manual


MAC OS User Manual

Windows User Manual

IOS User Manual

Andriod User Manual

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Alle bisher aufgetretenen Probleme mit der WIFI Verbindung sind mit dem Update behoben. Für den Bug mit der SSID maximal 20 Zeichen gibt es leider keinen Workaround. Wenn Sie das ändern der SSID umgehen wollen, raten wir, dass Sie bei Bekannten am TV mit WLAN den Stick in Betrieb nehmen und dort dann die Updates machen.

Hidden SSID: Hier können Sie einfach kurz am AP oder Router die SSID wieder aktivieren, Updates machen, dann können Sie die SSID wieder unsichtbar machen.

EZCAST 2-0 mit optimierter User Experience und  optimierter Oberfläche ist in Arbeit und wird bald kommen.


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Wichtiges Update: WLAN SSID darf max. 20 Zeichen haben (nach Update gehen auch mehr als 20)

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Update News via Google+


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EZCAST Android Update verfügbar

Bitte prüfen Sie auf Updates im Google Play Store und installieren Sie das Update

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EZCAST und Windows8

How to Set Up an EZCast Dongle with Windows 8 – A Tutorial

Posted on August 29, 2013

Updated 8/29/2013 for EZCast’s 720p maximum HDMI resolution and Miracast (EZMirror) connection problems with an Acer Iconia W3 tablet running Windows 8.1.

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Jerome Yu (@tvboxjoystar) of Shenzhen Joystar Technology recently provided a link to a SMW-702 WiFI Dispalay [sic] User Manual v1.0 PDF file, which he claims applies to the EZCast dongle. That document contains more marketing propaganda than instructional content, so I’ve described the process I used with a Surface Pro tablet running Windows 8 to set up the EZCast v1 dongle I received from China on 8/27/2013.

1. Plug the EZCast dongle into a free HDMI input of your TV, plug the Micro-USB of the Y connector into the opposite end of the EZCast and the type A connector into the TV’s USB port or a standard USB 5V power adapter. The following screen appears when the EZCast boots:


Updated 8/29/2013: Although Shenzhen Joystar claims the EZCast dongle is a Full HD 1080p WIFI Smart TV Streaming Dongle for EZCAST, MiraCast [sic], DLNA and AirPlay, my 24-inch Insignia (2013) and 44-inch Samsung (2013) HDTVs sync with it at 720p. The problem might be an issue with High Definition Content Protection (HDPC.) Therefore all the screen captures in this tutorial are 1280 x 720 pixels.

Click the images to display 1280 x 72- screen captures taken by a Hauppauge Colossus HDMI capture card. (My Chromecast on each TV syncs at the expected 1020p.)

2. Download and install EZCast_Win1.0.17.exe (8.7 MB) from the Mega.co.nz Web site. During installation, you will be asked to open a Windows Firewall port for EZCast, and reboot your PC or tablet.

3. Start the EZCast app on your PC or tablet to open its main window and click the OK button to open the Access point list:

EZCast App - Select Device 2

4. Select the EZCast-SerialNumber SSID displayed in step 1, click Connect to open the Passcode [sic] dialog and type the password from step 1 in the text box:

EZCast App - Enter Password

5. Click OK and Connect to display the setting screen on the TV. Use the arrow keys on the EZCast app to select the WiFi network, if there’s more than one:


6. Click OK on the EZCast app to open a WiFi password text box and type the password:


7. Click OK to authenticate with the password, which displays a green check mark when complete:


8. Click the EZCast app’s EZCast button  to display the corresponding screen on the TV:


9. Click the DLNA button to display that screen:


10. The Miracast button displays the EZMirror screen:


11. And finally, the Setting button opens the Setting screen:


The Upgrade button lets you check for a server version that’s later than the local version of the dongle software. When this tutorial was written, the server version was 10451.

At this point, you EZCast dongle is configured and you can try casting videos, still images and music with Android, iOS and Windows devices running the appropriate EZCast sender software. Windows 8 supports the Intel WiDi protocol, which is compatible with Miracast.

Update 8/29/2013: Windows 8.1 supports Miracast directly, as described by Paul Thurrot in his Hands-On with Windows 8.1: Play article of 7/3/2013 for his Supersite for Windows. I was unable to recognize but not connect with Miracast to my Acer Iconia W3 running the Windows 8.1 Pro Preview.

Only a few smart phones support Miracast or the dongle’s EZMirror clone.

source: http://android-minipc.azurewebsites.net/index.php/2013/08/how-to-set-up-an-ezcast-dongle-with-windows-8-a-tutorial/

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